Thursday, September 10, 2015

Novabeans Brings World's 1st 3D Printed Jewelry Services to India

10th September 2015 – Novabeans, India’s premier 3D printing solution provider along with B9Creations US based DLP printer manufacture and California based 3D printing materials manufacturer, MadeSolid, are set to bring the world’s first 3D printing jewelry service in India.

Using modern 3D printing technologies, jewellery making can be simple, cost effective and fast. Smooth surface, high resolution, high accuracy, no further manual finishing needed. 

With 3D printing jewellery service in India, it will be possible for jewellers, jewellery designers and jewellery store to 3D print their jewellery designs with in hours, using sophisticated 3D printing technologies at their disposal.

According to AlliedMarketResearch, the 3D printing markets in emerging economies such as India are slated to grow at a CAGR of 37.4% from 2014-2020. India has one of the largest markets for jewelry. Jewelry has historically been connected to celebrations, relationships, self-expression, security, and symbols of wealth and hope for the future in developing countries. In 2014, demand for jewelry accounted for 58% of all gold demand, of which 57% is produced in India and China.

Innovative 3D printing services that target specific verticals like jewelry will soon become fundamental to increasing the rate of adoption and application amongst consumers. Jewelry stores, jewelry designers, makers, professionals, researchers, or students with access to 3D printing services all want the ability to afford these services in quick, easy, and cost-effective ways.

Novabeans’ 3D printing jewelry service is free until 31st December, 2015 to 3D print two objects in high quality resin with DLP/SLA 3D printer within a 30 x 30 x 40 mm build volume. These free objects will be required to be original designs & not “ready-made” objects that have been downloaded off of the Internet.  This offer will be only offered to a select group initially including professional designers, Jewelers, and students.

B9Creations is the world leader in affordable, high-resolution 3D printers and materials.  With jewelers in dozens of countries printing and casting with their products every day, they are a trusted brand in the Jewelry industry and bring a track record of success in. “We are proud to associate with Novabeans in this great initiative and to empower Indian jewelers by bringing their jewelry designs to life in a faster and more affordable fashion.” said Shon Anderson, VP B9Creations

MadeSolid, the #1 California based 3D printing materials manufacturer, offers strong, functional prototyping resins as well as the highest quality jewelry casting resin, CastSolid.  “We are excited to partner with Novabeans to help bring 3D printing and casting with high quality resins to the forefront of the country’s jewelry industry,” said Adam Grieser, Director Sales, Madesolid

“Introducing 3D printing services targeting specific verticals validates our overall vision of spreading 3D printing technology to masses at affordable price point in India.” said Gaurav Loyalka, Co-founder, Novabeans

Learn how to make your own customise 3D printed castable jewellery models or setup your own 3D printing jewellery studio in your city with help of Novabean's expert team.

Novabeans aim is to make 3D printing services accessible to jewellers, jewellery designers in a cost effective manner across India.

As a provider of 3D design-to-manufacturing solutions, 3D printing training workshops, printing school kits, professional support, consultancy services, and made to order 3D design, Novabeans is the official distributor in the Indian market for all products by Ultimaker, 3D Systems, Pinshape, Creopop, 3Doodler, B9Creations, UAVID 3D, Airworlf, MadeSolid, Flashforge, Littlebits and many other prestigious 3D printing brands.

Novabeans is an innovative 3D printing company based in India with an office at Paris and multiple braches and franchisees all across India. They have India’s largest dedicated 3D printing online ecommerce store and are dedicated to spreading the joy of 3D printing throughout India.

Novabeans - A Pioneer in 3D Printing Technologies and Education in India.

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Novabeans was founded in 2014 by IT professionals and today the company has grown into a premier provider of #3dprinting technology in India. We form partnerships with different types of professionals who use our 3D printing solutions and learn from their experience. This way we can help them and other potential users to capture all the benefits of 3D printing technologies. Whether it is engineering, product design, medical purposes, architectural design, entrepreneurs or education, together with them, we Create the Future.